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    Face Lifting Massager

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    1. Obvious effect: using EMS microcurrent technology, massage and stimulation of the facial muscles, fat burning at 40 ° ℃, and skin lifting through magnetotherapy.
    2. EMS microcurrent: stimulates the production of ATR and human subcutaneous tissue, improves the elasticity of facial muscle fibers, activates collagen activity, firm skin.
    3. Red / blue light therapy:
    Red light (625nm): stimulates collagen production, improves skin elasticity, improves cell activity, promotes blood circulation, and prevents aging.
    Blue light (470nm): antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, balance the oil, lighten stains and shrink pores.
    4. Hyperthermia 40 ° C: constant temperature physical therapy to burn fat.
    5. Vibration massage: 6000 times/min high-frequency vibration stimulates the cheeks and chin muscles. Vibration promotes the beauty of the lotion to deep into the skin quickly. Improve blood circulation and activate skin cells.

    How to use the ANLAN v-face device:
    1. When getting v face device, first follow the picture to install belt
    2. long-press the power button on the device, long-press remote power button
    3. Short press the M button to choose a different mode
    4.Short press level button ▁ ▂ ▃ to choose at least 1 level
    5. Put on V face device, and then change level or mode according to your feeling
    Note:It must form a complete electric circuit then you can feel EMS microcurrent. It means after starting the device, if you use one finger to touch it, you can't feel microcurrent. Please put two fingers on conductive metal sheets.
    Not all modes have blue/red light, only specific mode has light therapy

    Here are the tips for installing the straps
    ① Pick up one end of the belt and align it with a gap at the movable joint
    ②Insert the strap into the gap
    ③When it is successfully buckled, you will hear a click
    ④Please refer to the instructions in the picture to install the belt.
    Due to your violent pulling, product damage is not included in a 1-year warranty.

    Here are tips for removing the belt
    ①The connection part of the belt is made of ABS, please don't pull it hard to avoid tearing the connection part
    ②When disassembling, please do not take down movable connector on v face device
    ③Just press fixing buckle and the strap will automatically fall off
    ④Please refer to the instructions in the picture to remove the belt.


    Do not use excessive force during installation. This could damage the belt button.
    Turn off the power during installation.
    1. Align the strip button with the button on the device and insert the button. (assembly)
    2. Press the button on the belt and tighten the belt. (disassemble)

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